Michael in Sydney c.1893
Mullinahone c.1900
Michael’s parents John and Catherine (nee Flynn)
Michael’s brother Fr. Tom
Quinta Luisa, the residence of John and Louisa (nee Moughty) Feeney In Olivos, Buenos Aires
Angers, France c.1882
Bishop Grimes of Christchurch
Cardinal Moran of Sydney
Feeney Store in Buenos Aires advertisement c 1907
New Zealand c. 1887
Kit (Kattie) with husband Raymie Murphy and sons Frank & Anthony
CJ Kickham (seated) with his brother Tom “the Dovey”
Louisa Feeney, Buenos Aires
Arcos St c.1905, about 3 blocks from where Michael Lived
Sign-in to British Club, Punta Arenas, on the straits of Magellan, Chile, some 2000 miles from Buenos Aires on 7th January 1905. Michael, Buenos Ayres (sic), and Dr. F. A. Gray, Armagh. signed in by Ramsey B. Nixon

Note in All Hallows of Michael’s permission for ordination 17 months before 24th birthday

Introduction to petition to Pope Leo XIII. It was submitted in French