Crazy Daze

Crazy Daze – A Bipolar Odyssey : a book by Declan Gould

The Book Launch

Professor Ted Dinan, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at UCC, formally launched “Crazy Daze – A Bipolar Odyssey” by Declan Gould in June 2022.

The book is, and was recognised as an important contribution to the understanding of living with the BIPOLAR condition.

Vincent Murphy, a long time friend of Declan took the chair.

About the book

The book relates many episodes in the life of Declan Gould, which spans Ireland, USA, and Zimbabwe, all influenced by his affliction with the bi-polar condition. Declan relates stories of episodes in his life in a disarmingly frank and humourous style. A must read for anyone interested in the bi-polar condition and its effects on the individual.

Part 2 – Stigma and Mental Health

Part 2 of the book also deals with Stigma and Mental Health. An address delivered by Declan at the Gilbert Centre in Mallow is reproduced. In it Declan deals with the question of stigma in a clear and forthright manner. There is no place for mental health in our society.

Part 3 – Under Observation: a patient view from the psychiatric ward

This section contains many apt and interesting observations about the fate of psychiatric patients in hospital.